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University News

The Pablo de Olavide University has published the following article about us. In the article they mention the results published in the journal Scientific Report which show important differences related to the polarity of the applied current and the appearance of long-term effects, allowing the improvement of the stimulation protocols currently used in theContinue reading “University News”

Happy 2021!

We have returned from Christmas with a lot of enthusiasm! Breakfast/meeting as soon as we arrive. We also celebrated 3 things: The new European project Neurotwin, Javi’s birthday and that Marta and Guille are staying to do their PhD here.

Innovation Fair

One of our members, Marta Estévez, participated at the VII Innovation and New Technologies Fair organized by the provincial delegation of Seville (Inpro). She participated in a conference that aimed to raise young people’s attention to technological studies. They discussed topics such as the role of women in the technology sector, the stereotypes setContinue reading “Innovation Fair”

EL PAÍS Newspaper

The national newspaper EL PAÍS interviewed Javier Marquez Ruiz about our Lab and the new European project that starts in January 2021, Project Neurotwin. In collaboration with 6 more laboratories all over Europe, we will build a computational framework – weaved and validated across scales and levels of detail– to represent the mechanisms ofContinue reading “EL PAÍS Newspaper”

University News

Our University Pablo de Olavide wrote about us. Our team in collaboration with Harvard University in the United States, have managed to improve the antiepileptic effects with transcranial electrical stimulation in combination with some specific drugs. The results have been recently published in the prestigious journal ‘Annals of Neurology’. The experiments, carried out onContinue reading “University News”

Guest teacher at Universidad de la Costa, CUC (Barranquilla, Colombia)

Our partner Guillermo Sánchez-Garrido Campos was invited as a guest teacher to participate in an online seminar of the Psychology Program from Universidad de la Costa, CUC (Barranquilla, Colombia). During May 26th-27th and June 1st (2020), the Psychobiology Course pupils learned about several fields from the neuroscience, specifically the ones below: Neuronal Excitation/Inhibition balanceContinue reading “Guest teacher at Universidad de la Costa, CUC (Barranquilla, Colombia)”


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