Guest teacher at Universidad de la Costa, CUC (Barranquilla, Colombia)

Our partner Guillermo Sánchez-Garrido Campos was invited as a guest teacher to participate in an online seminar of the Psychology Program from Universidad de la Costa, CUC (Barranquilla, Colombia).

During May 26th-27th and June 1st (2020), the Psychobiology Course pupils learned about several fields from the neuroscience, specifically the ones below:

  • Neuronal Excitation/Inhibition balance and diseases related to the imbalance
  • Primary somatosensory cortex different layers
  • Introduction to transcranial Electric Stimulation (tES) and its immediate and long-term effects on neuronal excitability and glial cells
  • Gliotransmission and the role of glial cells on neuronal excitability
  • Effects of several drugs over neurotransmission receptors and its effect on neuronal excitability

Events like this are very helpful for neuroscience (and precisely electrophysiology) to become more visible for new students to expand their opportunities.

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