EL PAÍS Newspaper

The national newspaper EL PAÍS interviewed Javier Marquez Ruiz about our Lab and the new European project that starts in January 2021, Project Neurotwin.

In collaboration with 6 more laboratories all over Europe, we will build a computational framework – weaved and validated across scales and levels of detail– to represent the mechanisms of interaction of electric fields with brain networks and assimilate neuroimaging data. The aim of this project is to create a whole brain model in order to administrate personalized therapies using non invasive brain stimulation.

With research at the intersecting frontier of nonlinear dynamics, network theory, biophysics, engineering, neuroscience, clinical research, and ethics, Neurotwin will deliver model-driven breakthroughs in basic and clinical neuroscience, with patients ultimately benefiting from safe, individualized therapy solutions.

You can read the whole article here.